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Barkganic was born from love.

I adopted a little doxie named Banks when I was living in California in 2004. When we moved from California to Florida in 2005, she developed major skin issues. She was scratching uncontrollably and lost over 75 percent of her hair. I spent over two years visiting different vets and thousands of dollars in the search for something that would help Banks. Vets prescribed medication after medication and nothing worked. After talking with three different vets in my area I was told she had environmental allergies and I should take her to a doggie dermatologist. Our final stop in the vet world was a doggie dermatologist.
After extensive testing the prescribed daily allergy shots and said that would fix the problem. I started her on the shots only to find her condition got even worse. The dermatologist said this was "natural" in dogs with allergies and she would always suffer but we just needed to do our best to manage the problem. I could not bear the thought of my young dog suffering like this for the rest of her life. I personally do not take medications, believe in natural remedies and decided I needed to start taking the same approach with Banks. I decided to stop administering all of her medication medications and created a natural plan for her. This involved creating a 100 percent organic diet, organic dog treats and toys made without harsh chemicals. I started personally preparing organic meals for Banks and making organic dog treats. This was the only way I would have 100 percent control of what Banks was eating.
Once I made the change she began to improve. She stopped scratching, her hair started to grow back, her eyes looked clearer and she was becoming the happy little puppy I adopted years earlier. This process was extremely time consuming and required major work on my part. Throughout this process I have learned so many things about natural remedies and I want to share them with the public. I have discovered a number of product lines that are high quality, human grade and organic. The products offer pet owners convenience factor that I did not have during my struggle.
My goal with the Barkganic site is to offer consumers a convenient place to shop where they do not have to be worried about quality and reading labels. We only offer a few product lines but they are all very high quality, human grade, truly natural ingredients, Eco friendly and cruelty free. I am happy to say Banks loves all the products on this site and I hope your furry friends do too!!!!

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Dog Sitting & Walking

In Our Home ($35 per day)

We will watch one dog at a time in our home. When your dog comes to stay with us it will be treated like one of our family. Your dog will have free roam of our home, will sleep in bed with us and will have 4 full time buddies to play with. Prior to your dog staying with us the first time we require that your dog comes over for a meet and greet. Since your dog will be in our home we need to make sure everyone gets along.

In Your Home (starting at $40 per day)

We will watch your dogs in your home. We will design a schedule that works for you and your dogs. Every dog is different and requires something different. We will do our best to accommodate all of your dogs needs.

Daily Walking (starting at $15 per visit)

We will walk your dog during the day if needed.

Give Your Loved Pet Some REAL Good Stuff.

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